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Loft meets château, 70s meet art déco. 

A room full of rare furniture and objects from the seventies, a huge wall panel from a French château from 1880, handmade ceiling lamps, an Art Deco style bathroom. The furniture is either rare antiques or unique pieces made in our carpentry shop especially for the loft. And then there are the walls and ceilings, every square inch of which was painted for weeks by a mural artist. Welcome to the eclectic STUDIO 23. 

studio 23 fabrik 23
persons max.
€/ day

We are a full-service location and offer events including catering, drinks, technology, drinks, technology and staff.

(Daily rent plus full service).

(All prices are gross including 19% VAT)

studio 23 fabrik 23
studio 23 fabrik 23
studio 23 fabrik 23

An eclectic loft as the perfect setting for culinary events, shoots, parties or workshops.

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Sales  for your requests 
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Bankett  for deliveries and logistics
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Office  for cooperations and other requests
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