Antique mahogany, a historic cabin and authentic interior.

With its selected interior the timeless motor yacht from 1949 is reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway’s legendary boat named „Pilar“. The steel ship elements are elegantly combined with mahogany and velvet covers by the well-known Cammenga shipyard to create a sporty and comfortable touring yacht for several people. Experience the charme and nostalgia on board of this unique boat and enjoy unforgettable moments in and on the water.

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We offer various routes starting from 4 hours with and without in-house catering. We would be happy to plan your unforgettable event, special photoshoot or fantastic boat tour. The Pilar anchors on the Havel not far from Großer Wannsee in the idyllic Schildhorn marina.

Skipper Jo

Jo Lüdemann grew up in Berlin in the 1960s and is a passionate (regatta) sailor, surfer and houseboat fan. Jo worked for several decades as an art and theater critic for the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” and, among other things, as editor-in-chief of various independent print media. The friend of cultivated beer enjoyment lives as a freelance author of numerous cultural travel guides in Berlin, on the Müritz, the Hanseatic city of Wismar and on Malta – also as a trainer for future motor boat drivers and hobby sailors.

Henrik Schröder was born in 1969 and has 5 years of professional experience. The friendly lifeguard has several boat licenses and extensive experience with boat trips and events on the water.

Henrik Schröder ist 1969 geboren und hat 5 Jahre Berufserfahrung auf den wunderbaren Berliner Gewässern. Der sympathische Rettungsschwimmer hat mehrere Bootslizenzen und umfangreiche Erfahrung mit Schiffsausflügen und Feiern auf dem Wasser.

A unique yacht in nostalgic original design for unforgettable events, shootings and excursions in a fantastic scenery.

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