Rough and industrial, elegant and classy – back in the day this was a woodworking company and the impressive patina which time has left behind is still noticeable. The name „Werkloft“ (engl. „Craft Loft“) is a tribute to its former use: Almost the entire furnishings arise from old factories. The historical industrial lamps, the lavishly restored workbenches, which can be used as cooking stations or even the metal lockers that serve as a cloakroom for our guests. The rest of our interiors are handmade unicums – like the several tables made out of old wooden Berlin floorboards that were exclusively designed in our in-house wood workshop.

This loft also offers a gallery lounge with comfortable seating made of pallets and even a cosy chesterfield lounge where you will find a beautiful old piano and many other eyecatchers.

Room rent: from 1.400,00 € (net)

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