Welcome to Mangiare and Co. Welcome home.


„A Mangiare! A Tavola!“ is what you hear in Bella Italia when food is served. If this almost sacred call of a Mamma sounds, family and friends hurry to the table full of anticipation. Now they finall get to taste the divine scent that took them through time and space and sourrounded them for hours. Finally everyone is eating, drinking, talking and laughing togehter. In Italy good food is a feast for all senses, an expression of love, comfort and endless joy of life.

This is the feeling and experience that we are all about. We celebrate it with a unique  Italian cuisine that combines traditional dishes with the modern cuisine: Mangiare and Co.

 Our Chef Guido Vinci (yes, his family is actually descendend from Leonardo da Vinci!) stands for a new creative Italian cuisine that respects the culinary traditions of his homeland while devolping further independently. How well he suceeds is proved by a fine crowd of regulars from all over the world– acknowleged even by Hollywood stars such as Robert Redfort, Tom Cruise and Quentin Tarantino

PS: Food & beverages can only be purchased through the Fabrik 23.